June 23, 2018

Padded Anti Slip Weight Lifting Gloves Gym Gloves

Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves, Gym training cross-fit sport fitness bodybuilding workout exercise glove are ideal for men/women/ladies/female/trainers/athletes/beginners/fitness people. We know you need to support your wrists when lifting free weights, protect your hands while doing your forearm headstand, and comfortably fold your knuckles when delivering that hook punch - all while maintaining a sense of cuteness. We get it! Our gloves are made from breathable material so your hands won't overheat, while the padding on the palm protects and helps to hold your grip.

Product Description:
- Does NOT Bleed From the Dye Inside
- Strategically Padded Palms for Extra Comfort and Grip
- Carefully Crafted With Premium Quality microfibre material and Reinforced Stitching

Size Chart:
S: 7-8inch / 18-20cm
M: 8-8.3inch / 20-21cm
L: 8.3-8.6inch / 21-22cm
XL:9.25-9.8inch / 23.5-25cm

Pls measure the circumference of your hands (as picture) by measuring tape and compare with the chart to know the size of your gloves.

Clean Tips:
1.Preferred washed by hand. You only need to soak the gloves with soap, then rub and wash, dry it in the shade.
2. If washed by machine, it is better to put the gloves into the laundry bag to reduce the likelihood of deformation.
3. Never use hot water, bleach and other strong acid wash, and do not bask in the sun, because the material organization will be destroyed easily, which will cause pilling, fabric loose and gloves deformation and so on.

1. Warranty period: 12 months from the date of purchase.
2. Our gloves are true to size but if you are between two sizes choose the smaller size.
3. If your not thrilled, simply contact our reliable customer service team and you will receive unmatched personal assistance.
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Womens Weighlifting Gloves plus Padded Figure 8 Lifting

The BEST Women Weightlifting Gloves by Fox Fierce. We believe that women can still look and feel feminine whilst unleashing their fierce determination to get in shape. We believe in women rocking womanly figures. We believe in bringing sexy back. Our passion is to help our fellow female powerhouses to unleash their inner fox by making the selection of gym ready wear easy. *Our expertly crafted gloves look great, and are designed to keep your hands looking and feeling amazing. And like they belong to a lady! *They are super comfortable! The isolated padding and half finger design stops your hands looking and feeling like the hulks. *Never lose your grip again! With the bonus Figure 8's hit your max weight potential with confidence. *Lightweight, due to the lack of bulk. *The perforated leather prevents sweat build up. *Calluses be gone! Protect those hands! *Easy to get off. Just pull the finger tab and off you go. *Durable as well as comfortable. The combination of leather and synthetic materials ensures endurance. *Yes they're washable: cold wash only. *They're made from high quality materials and arrive in quality packaging. *Limited time only included with your purchase Figure 8 straps to help you maximize your workout. Straps help you lift more weight than you can with grip alone. More weight means more muscle! More Muscle means less fat and more tone. Valued at $16. The Fox Fierce Fitness Program and How to use your figure 8 straps valued at $49. Amazon Customers and Personal Trainers alike trust Fox Fierce to deliver products of quality and style. Risk Free Purchase- Not satisfied? We will refund, no questions asked. They are also covered by a 1-year guarantee. ADD TO CART NOW to start your body transformation ....read more

Proworks Women’s Padded Grip Fingerless Gym Gloves for

New from Proworks, these professional womens exercising gloves are the best piece of sports wear apparel for all your home and gym work out routines. Their tough rubber grip ensures they can be used with most exercise machines, balls, bars and mats.

Improve your strength, conditioning and general fitness by taking your workouts to the next level! Add push ups, sparring, powerlifting or kettlebell exercises to your routines to keep your body working at it best. These gloves can be used for all of these exercises and more.

Proworks is proud to offer you the best girls work out gear and sport accessories. Stylish, cute and functional; these sporting gloves are a great replacement for standard hand grips when working out. ....read more

Pink Heavy Duty Lifting Straps Neoprene Padded 1

Product Description Padded weight lifting straps for enhanced Grip and wrist support. With Inner cushion padding to protect wrist while training. The Straps padding cushion must be facing the bar while lifting. Great for general weight lifting or power lifting use. One size fits all and come as pair. One Pair of Neoprene Weight lifting Cotton Strap With Cotton Rubber Coated. These weight lifting straps give you a secure grip on the bar during weight lifting exercises. Simply slide the straps on each wrist, adjust for a snug fit and you'll be ready to strap yourself on to any weight lifting dumbbell or bar. The additional neoprene padding inside these straps make them some of the most comfortable and durable. Adjustable to Fit Almost Anyone. Comfortable Neoprene Padding on Contact Areas ....read more

On Stage KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench

The KT7800 PLUS keyboard bench offers incredible comfort and outstanding affordability to players of any experience level. If you play extended gigs, or just want a bench that is more comfortable, you will love this padded keyboard bench. This professional-grade, top-of-the line keyboard bench has no equal! The design combines a 3 inch cushion, which provides deluxe comfort for hours of play, with a spring-loaded double deadbolt locking system, which provides deluxe safety for peace-of-mind. ....read more