June 23, 2018

Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Leather Suede Lifting Straps

Our patented lifitng straps are made from extremely durable cowhide suede. They provide a stronger and better grip than cotton straps allowing you to grip tighter on the bars while also being more comfortable as you do it.

Unlike cheap straps made of cotton, ours are made of top-quality cowhide suede that won't rip, tear, or come apart under pressure. These straps provide a completely tight fit around your wrist while still being soft and comfortable, giving you the leverage you need to lift heavier while reducing any pain on your wrists

Suede Lifting Straps Features: 

- Weight Lifting Straps made of  heavy duty, high quality, and durable suede
- Dimensions: 22 x 1.5 x 1/8
- Reinforced stitching up and down entire length of lifting strap
- Straps with Neoprene padding for added comfort
- These straps can tighten completely tight around any wrist size

Suede Lifting Straps Benefits:
- Straps are the perfect length - not too long or too short. Allows you to wrap around just the right amount
- Suede material allows for stronger traction and gripping strength than cotton straps
- Can be used to lift loads over 400 lbs. and not break
- These straps are comfortable to wear - They prevent hurt hands when lifting heavy, pinching or digging into wrist, and ripped/burned skin from chaffing

Our Guarantee
We are so confident in our suede lifting straps that we offer a lifetime replacement warranty if they ever fail.

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BOODUN Womens Mens Weight Lifting Gloves for Fitness

The BOODUN weight lifting gloves is made of the top quality materials and is designed to break in over time. The glove will have lasting durability, comfort and protection. Stretch ventilator microfiber allows hand and fingers to bend naturally while keeping them cool. Gel and foam palm protects the hand and maintains feel on the bar. ....read more

Titan Fitness 5lb to 40lb Adjustable Kettlebell Weight

The adjustable kettlebell from Titan Fitness is ideal for explosive exercises that work major muscles, build power, and burn body fat without needing a whole rack of them to get a great workout as many exercises only require just one, or a pair. Easily convert it from 5 lb up to 40 lb by releasing the lock mechanism and adding or removing extra weight plates, which makes it perfect for a group of people who work out together; the family that swings together, clings together! You can save money, space, and time as you don't need to switch between sizes to get different levels of difficulty. The powder coated finish is durable and made to last for years or tough use.

- Drop Cast Iron Plates 
- Flat base for easy storage 
- Extra wide handle for easy grip 
- Mechanism easily adjusts weights 
- 6 Adjustable Weight Levels 
- Save money, space, and time 
- One piece of fitness equipment can be used by many 
- Perfect for beginners or more advanced athletes
- Handle Width: 1.5 
- Material: Cast Iron 
- Finish: Powder Coated 
- Adjustable weight: 5 lb up to 40 lb 
- Total Weight: 40 lb 
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medium leather weight lifting gym belts buckle lever

Our Patented leather weight belt is made of rugged cowhide, this belt provides stabilizing lumbar support that lets you take your power training to the next level! Quality materials won't break or wear out over time.

f you're serious about lifting, you know a good weightlifting belt can help you draw more power out of your abs and lower back while reducing the risk of painful injury. That's why you should get it right the first time-with the Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt!

Unlike cheap belts made of fake leather, ours is made of top-quality cowhide that won't stretch out or tear under pressure. It also has a secure, heavy-duty buckle instead of plastic clips or Velcro closures that can break. This belt provides firm support for your body's core, giving you the leverage you need to lift heavier while reducing stress on your spine.

And when it comes to comfort, this belt delivers. With its adjustable non-slip fit, you never have to worry about it coming loose mid-lift, riding up, or digging into your sides or hips. That means you can focus on upping your weightlifting game!

Sizing: Comes in 2 sizes S/M (24-32 waists) and L/XL (33 - 41 waists). For accuracy, measure around your bellybutton and lower back. Also has 3 additional holes so you can continue to use it whether you're gaining or losing!

Made of quality leather
Lightweight (1.5 lbs) and compact
4 height
Full lumbar support
Durable metal buckle
Sleek red & black design
Hand-wash with damp cloth

Great for Crossfit, body building, weightlifting, powerlifting, and other high intensity training that requires lumbar support. Click Add to Cart to buy now!

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Cap Barbell Fitness Urethane Covered Dumbbell Black30Pound

CAP's Polyurethane Infused Dumbbells incorporate commercial gym durability with everyday use affordability. Made of solid cast iron with a protective black urethane coating. This helps prevent damage to floors and equipment. Hexagon shaped dumbbell heads are designed to prevent rolling, as well as provide easier storage. The dumbbells also come with a polyurethane infused gripping surface and chrome accents on the handles. Unlike some rubber products, there is no odor or greasy feeling with these polyurethane dumbbells. Sold as each. ....read more

3Tier Dumbbell Tree Rack Only by Sports Fitness

You will be organized using this durable plastic dumbbell rack between your workouts. The three tier rack will hold three PAIRS of your dumbbells and can be used to store up to 32-pounds of weights .Fast, easy assembly requires a Phillips head screwdriver and can be completed in minutes. Dumbbells NOT INCLUDED in this listing. ....read more

LAMUCH Black Fitness Gym Dumbbell Weight Stainless Steel

Using 316L tianium steel body,resistance to abrasion,not rust,do not change clor,no deformation,never fade.Incomparable workmanship is very line gloss shine.We design,not only jewelry,but also art,just for art students. ....read more

Fitness Republic Neoprene Dumbbells 15 lbs Set Neoprene

Fitness Republic Neoprene Dumbbells made of cast iron are coated with soft and smooth coating that is not slick and is easy to grip. Available in different sizes and colors, these hand weights are used to work on upper and lower body and to tone muscles.

Product Benefits
Neoprene dumbbells are known for their comfy grip- that does not slip off and for a roll-free workout session. This hexagonal fitness equipment helps sculpt muscles and tone them effectively. Whether you perform squats, do lunges or chest presses, using dumbbells also help prevent chronic back and joint pain and are effective for a full body workout.

How to Use
Neoprene dumbbells take up minimal space and are an asset to your home or any gym. Use these weight lifts to work on your upper body and to build arms and chest muscles. Slot in dumbbell lifting in your workout regimen and get stronger and toned muscles.

What Neoprene Dumbbells Offer
These comfortable grip dumbbells are less noisy as opposed to other types. Fitness Republic Neoprene Dumbbells are portable and easy to use. Whether you perform squats, lunges, dumbbell flies or chest presses, these smart dumbbells guarantee a total body workout. Exercising with dumbbells also help prevent chronic back and joint pain. Neoprene dumbbells take up minimal space and are a great venue for both, advanced lifters looking to gain mass or novice trainers looking to tone up and shed some extra weight. They are the best dumbbell set for women, too, offering to sculpt, slim and de-stress the whole body paving the road to a healthier life.

Popular Exercises Can be Performed
• Alternated Biceps Curl
• Triceps Kickback
• Lateral Raise
• Stationery Lunge

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Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell 15Pound

The kettlebell has long been a favorite for those seeking a special edge in strength and endurance. Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Working out with kettlebells will sculpt and tone the entire body because lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, and specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. Kettlebell workouts engage multiple muscle groups at once. They are a great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time. These kettlebells are cement filled providing a more economical choice over the traditional cast iron made kettlebells. Warning: This product contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Consumer may return the product for a full refund, including shipping cost for both receipt and return of the product within 15 days of his or her receipt. ....read more

InfiDeals Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells with Solid Dumbbell

Specially designed for strength training, Yes4All features CAST IRON PLATES, SOLID CHROME HANDLES AND SPIN-LOCK STAR COLLARS. The textured handles are designed for ergonomic grip. Handles and collars are threaded for a secure fit. Plates are made of high performance durable cast iron with semi gloss finish for rust resistance and long term use.

Holes on weight plates fit standard bar with diameter of 1. Dumbbell handle has 1-inch-diameter. Easy to set up by hands and no Tools Required.

Best choice for both beginners and experienced exercisers:

The set allows you to vary your daily workout routines with interchangeable weights. You can start from begining to the next level easily by simply changing the plates.


ONE (1) durable 15-inch solid steel textured chrome handle (with collars), EIGHT  5.0-lb plates, TWO 2.5-lb plates,  TWO (2) 1.25-lb plates ....read more